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    Air Quality Control ProductsThe air inside your home can contribute to many problems in regards to asthma, allergens, and even growing bacteria, causing you and your children to visit your doctor on a more frequent basis, breathing your inhaler more often than actually necessary, and the inconvenience of having to sniffle and cough a little more than usual. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), the air inside your home can have 2 to 5 times higher levels of pollutants than outdoor air. Contributing factors for low-grade air quality include dust mites, bacteria, dust, animal dander, and excessively dry or humid air. These things are naturally occurring in all homes, no matter how immaculately you keep your house, which is why we have become experts in Dallas AC repair. At Climate Tech, we understand and identify with how much your family means to you, because we are a family company too, and we work hard to be the best company in AC repair Dallas has. As your Dallas AC repair company, we want to ensure that your personal climate is among the best on the block.

    Ventilation, filtration and humidity control are the most effective ways to reduce the indoor air pollution that can wreak havoc on sensitive people and children. In fact one out of every 10 children in school has asthma, which is a leading cause of absenteeism each year. Climate Tech offers the best indoor environmental products, services, and ac repair in Dallas TX metroplex , so you and your children can make each day count at school and work.

    The following are just some of the latest in air quality products and technologies we offer so you and your family can breathe easier and remain productive:

    • Fresh air ventilators
    • High efficiency air filtration
    • High efficiency air purification systems
    • Humidifiers
    • Ultra violet germicidal lamps (UV lights)
    • Remote system controls

    We also offer a wide variety of air filters for your new or existing air conditioning and heating system.

    Indoor air quality and AC repair in Dallas TX and the surrounding areas are a growing concern among our neighbors because of our unique climate and geography. Plano, McKinney, Allen, Richardson, Arlington, and Grand Prairie are all in the immediate area of two major cities – Dallas and Fort Worth. While these areas enjoy a much quieter, subdued atmosphere, they also have a carry-over of the pollution from the larger cities. While Climate Tech cannot solve outdoor environmental issues, we can make sure that the indoor environment of your home or business is the best it can be. For air quality control and AC repair in Dallas and the surrounding metroplex, call Climate Tech. We care your family as if it were our own.

    * It should be noted that we are not certified in air quality control, and that if you do not know what you need or want we would suggest you call a specialist.

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