Do You Have A Noisy Air Conditioner

Every air conditioning unit will make some normal operational noises, but if the noise produced by your system has reached a level louder than normal, it may be time to contact Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating.  With over a decade of experience in the Dallas area, we understand how much you rely on your air conditioning unit to get through the summer months.  Your AC should make your home comfortable, not noisy.  This is why we want to help you understand what may be causing your unit to be unusually loud and what you can do to quiet things down.

Often, you can figure out what is behind your air conditioning unit’s noise simply by listening to what kind of noise it is producing.  Here are a few common types of sounds air conditioning units can make and what may be behind them.

  1. Hissing – If your AC is making a whistling or hissing sound, it could indicate a problem with the ducts. This is not usually a serious issue; however, the hissing could also be a result of a refrigerant leak.  If the hissing is coming from the unit itself, it is most likely being caused by a refrigerant leak.  This is usually the most serious issue that could be make your AC operate loudly and should only be handled by an HVAC specialist.
  1. Popping – Popping sounds can commonly come from the ductwork when the air cuts off and on. This is not usually indicative of an issue with the central unit.  It could simply be a result of aging ductwork and can be fixed with simple maintenance measures.
  1. Rattling – If rattling is coming from the exterior unit, debris is usually the culprit. Often times, leaves, sticks, or other debris can make their way into the outdoor AC unit and cause it to operate loudly.  Small issues, such as loose, screws, bolts, or other fasteners may also cause rattling in your unit.  Age-related issues in the unit’s compressor can also cause rattling.  These are usually a bit more serious and require a visit from an expert.
  1. Grinding – AC grinding is typically a result of problems with a fan motor and can be quite serious. A common problem with fan motors is a worn bearing, which can pose a threat to the condition of the rest of your unit.  If the bearing is not replaced in time and fails, it can cause damage to other parts of the unit.
  1. Squeaking – Mild squeaking noises usually do not indicate a serious issue. It is usually a result of improper maintenance with fan blades or bearing and is easily remedied.  A bearing might simply needs to be lubricated or an imbalanced fan blade cleaned.

What can I do?

The best way to prevent the issues that can cause your air conditioning unit to become a loud nuisance is to take care of regular maintenance needs.  This means changing filters when needed and scheduling regular inspections and tune-ups with Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating.  With our industry leading HVAC specialists on your side, we can ensure that your HVAC unit operates quietly and efficiently year-round.

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