How Our Preventative Maintenance Program Can Help Get Your A/C Ready for Spring

Spring is coming, and with it warmer temperatures. As the temperatures climb and the air becomes thick and muggy, you’ll want to make sure your A/C unit is working properly. At Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating, we offer a well-developed preventative maintenance program called the ClimateCare Program.

With this program, you get numerous benefits, but possibly the most important is two annual checkups to make sure your air conditioning unit is working at its peak. Getting regular preventative maintenance is important to making sure your unit is ready for spring weather. Here are a number of the ways our program accomplishes this:

Reduced Energy Bills

When you first urn up the A/C to cope with the warmer weather, it may not run at its best after so many months without use. Clogged, malfunctioning, or worn components all put the unit under stress and force it to work harder to cool your home. By getting a regular maintenance checkup, you keep the A/C running in top condition, which allows it to use energy more efficiently. This saves you money on energy costs during the spring and summer months as your unit uses less energy to achieve the same results. Research shows that you save 5-15% on energy costs with regular maintenance.

Lower Repair Costs

The lower stress from keeping the air conditioner kept up also translates into savings on future repairs. As is the case with any mechanical unit with moving parts, your A/C’s various components such as pumps, belts, and fans will eventually wear down and break. When you get your unit checked regularly, our professionals can detect worn parts and replace them before they break and cause more costly damage to the system. In addition to this, ClimateCare grants you 15% off repair services, which saves you even more on repairs.

Improved Air Quality

When spring rolls around, it’s time for warm, sunny days, blooming flowers—and hay fever. When it comes to reducing allergens—and the accompanying sneezing fits—in your home, regular maintenance and filter replacement both help enormously. With our ClimateCare Program, you get a year’s supply of pleated filters which will keep the air clean while it’s circulating through your home. Our technicians also check to make sure the inside components of your unit are free of debris.

Peace of Mind

By keeping up on your A/C, one of the greatest benefits of all is peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about the unit breaking down and leaving you to endure the climbing temperatures in your home. Exorbitant repair costs are no longer an issue. With ClimateCare, you can enjoy your spring without the worry of extra energy and repair expenses.

When it comes to preparing your A/C for spring weather, you get many benefits through Climate Care. When you sign up, you also get priority scheduling, extended warranties, maintenance and installation discounts, and expert service from our highly-trained technicians. In order to get ready for the warmer days ahead, contact Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating today to sign up for ClimateCare!

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