Commercial Kitchen Maintenance


Commercial Kitchen Maintenance2019-02-11T12:05:39-06:00

Restaurant managers and owners know the importance of keeping your knives sharp. Just as you keep your knives sharpened, you want to keep the refrigerators, freezers and cook tops in your restaurant properly maintained. Walk In freezers, ice machines, cook tops and fryers that don’t heat or cool properly not only waste food but can cost you both time and money.

Along with food costs and staffing, restaurant equipment is one of the biggest expenses in opening a restaurant. Proper maintenance of your equipment is one of the best investments you can make.

Imagine the nightmare of being in the middle of a busy dinner service and the walk-in cooler unit goes out. With the heat from the kitchen and a hot Texas summer, the temperature in the walk-in is rising by the minute. You can’t wait on an 8-5 equipment repair service when very minute means you are losing products and losing money.

Climate Tech will schedule regular maintenance visits to come and perform checkups on all your restaurant’s important equipment to keep it operating at its best for each and every shift. Give us a call today to learn more about our restaurant equipment maintenance plans.

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