6 Things to Consider When Designing Your Commercial HVAC System in Texas

Commercial heating, cooling, and ventilation is a complex mess to handle. You need to make sure temperatures are kept consistent and well controlled to maintain your business’s income, but there are many factors to consider, especially in Texas during the summer. Here are six items to keep in mind when designing your commercial HVAC system:

  1. The hot weather: The obvious statement of the century is, “Texas has hot summers.” The sun’s rays will dramatically increase the internal temperature of your facility, so you need AC that will be able to deal with that.
  2. Building size and layout: The size of your building will affect the type of heating and cooling units you’ll need. If the unit is too large, it could short cycle and cost you extra on energy bills. Too small, and it won’t be powerful enough to do its job.
  3. Equipment: A restaurant will have a higher heat output with its equipment than an office would, which affects how powerful your AC and heating units need to be.
  4. Foot traffic: People give off heat, so when you have a large number of people in a building, you’ll need more powerful air conditioning to keep the temperatures down. If your business doesn’t involve a lot of foot traffic, you won’t have that kind of heat output to deal with.
  5. Windows: Your commercial building’s windows let in the sun’s rays, especially if they face south. This naturally increases the temperature in the building and requires a more powerful cooling system.
  6. Temperature control regulations: If, for example, you’re in the food industry, you have regulations to follow when it comes to maintaining food temperatures. This means you need the right setup of refrigeration, heating, and cooling equipment to make sure food doesn’t get too warm or too cold.

The good news is you don’t have to figure this all out on your own. Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating can help you design and install your commercial HVAC system.

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