How Often Should I Have My AC Serviced?

Spring means warmer days, and that will mean the air conditioning is coming on in homes throughout the Dallas area. After a long winter of disuse, not to mention a full summer’s worth of heavy usage prior, your AC may need a quick checkup to make sure it’s in full working order.

Barring breakdowns or system malfunctions, you should have your air conditioning system serviced at least once per year. The best time to do that is right now, when the temperatures are just warming up. Prior to using your AC, you should make sure it’s in proper working order.

Why Routine Maintenance?

Even if you don’t notice anything wrong with your air conditioner, it’s still important to get a routine checkup done on it. Why? Like all mechanical systems, your AC will become less efficient over time. Fans, blowers, pumps, and other components can become dirty and worn, making the system work harder and use more energy.

The purpose of routine maintenance is to make sure the various components of your AC are working as efficiently as possible. This affords you various benefits, which are listed below.

Benefits of Yearly Preventative Maintenance

With routine annual checkups, such as those you’d get through Climate Tech’s ClimateCare program, you ensure your system operates properly. This means:

  • Lower repair costs: Finding problems early means they don’t develop into more serious (and more expensive) problems later on.
  • Lower energy costs: Your AC typically accounts for roughly half of your electrical usage during the summer, so it’s important to keep it operating at peak efficiency.
  • Longer unit life: To ensure a car keeps running right for many years, you must change its oil regularly. Just as with a car, proper maintenance can extend the life of your AC system.
  • Keep the warranty: Most warranties require you to keep up with preventative maintenance to remain valid.

As you can see, a preventative maintenance program has many benefits. Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating offers the ClimateCare program to help you keep your system running as it should. Not only do you get two checkups per year (one for cooling, the other for heating), you get priority scheduling, discounts on repairs, and extended warranties. To learn more about ClimateCare, contact us today.

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