Stay Cool in Dallas with Air Conditioning Tips

Temperatures are already on the rise and soon we’ll start to experience the sweltering temperatures of a Texas spring and summer. Your air conditioner will likely see some heavy usage, and that can mean high energy bills. However, there are ways to keep those costs down and still stay cool in Dallas. These tips may help:


  • AC repair: Dallas summers often wear down air conditioning units, so getting some preventative maintenance on your system can prepare it for the coming heat. Before winter breathes its last frigid breaths, call an AC repair technician to take a look at your system and make any fixes necessary.
  • Change the filter: Your AC requires efficient air circulation to do its job, and a clogged filter can get in the way of that. To keep your system from working too hard to cool your home, make sure you change the filter about once a month.
  • Install a new thermostat: Programmable thermostats are designed to make energy efficiency much more convenient for you. They allow you to program the system with a schedule for when it will run and how much, and you can use these features to reduce the energy your AC uses while you’re away or when it’s needed less.
  • Seal windows and doors: Energy efficient homes are sealed up against the elements, meaning they keep the outdoor climate outside and the indoor climate inside. Windows and doors should be properly sealed to make sure the heat outside doesn’t leak inside while the AC is running.
  • Turn on the fan: The AC isn’t the only way to stay cool in Dallas this summer. Ceiling fans can also help, but only if they’re on the summer setting. This will allow them to circulate air in the room in such a way that pushes cool air down, making the room feel cooler and meaning less need for AC.



A well-maintained air conditioning sytem is essential to surviving the hotter months. For AC repair in Dallas this summer, contact Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ll check your system for any issues and make sure they’re taken care of before summer strikes.

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