Proper Interior Residential Lighting

When we think about lighting our home, we are usually thinking about the decorative aspect of the environment but lighting also provides security and comfort, helping to more easily perform tasks. Lighting is a functional element in your home, but it also helps create ambiance. If you use the proper lighting it should be a complement to your lifestyle while meeting the lighting needs in each room.

Each space in your home will require different lighting depending on what tasks are performed in a particular room. After you have identified what is going on in each room, you can select the appropriate lighting and make aesthetic adjustments that complement the desired ambiance of the room. There are a wide variety of lighting options and the lighting technology is rapidly evolving. To determine what lighting is optimal for your home, it is best to understand how lighting is transitioning from the old compact fluorescent lighting to the new LED-based lighting products.

Compact fluorescent bulbs are becoming antiquated and although they have served a purpose in the past and there will always be a need for fluorescents, they are being replaced by the more energy efficient LED bulbs for both interior and exterior lighting. It is not inexpensive, initially, to switch from CFL to LED, but you will save money in the long run due to the lower power usage and longevity of LED bulbs.

With the rapid advancement in lighting technology also comes some confusion. This confusion is usually due to the color variations and how to determine what is the best color for your living environment. The lighting industry used the Color Rendering Index, CRI, which suggests how the source of light will reflect the colors of the objects in their environment. Color temperature is also considered when selecting a light source and this is measured in Kelvin. The old compact fluorescents have previously been labeled “warm white, “cool white” or “daylight” which is actually a misnomer and not even relevant to LED lighting. It has been determined that natural lighting is the best lighting for interiors and a lack of natural lighting can lead to depression. The best LED light to re-create is the “warm light”, or look for a color temperature of 2700-3000K.

As previously mentioned, the true benefits of LED are in the longevity of up to 100,000 hours, which translates into 20 years if that light is on for 8 hours a day. They are durable, energy efficient, ecologically friendly, and with their light dispersement, they have a greater application of efficiency. If you are considering ways to save money and make your interior lighting more efficient, call Climate Tech today. We are your lighting specialists.




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