Kitchen Equipment Installation – Dangers of Incorrect Installation

To operate well, a commercial kitchen needs to be designed in a way that allows for efficiency while ensuring safety. Improperly installed equipment will not only hurt efficiency, but it can also be dangerous to you, your cooks and prep cooks, and the people who come to eat.

So, what are the specific Dangers of Incorrect Kitchen Equipment Installation ?  Here are a few possibilities to consider:

  • Fire hazards: Poorly installed cooking tops, stoves, and fryers can pose a risk of fire. Most kitchen fires result from grease or flames getting to places where they shouldn’t, but in some instances, it may be an electrical problem from incorrect installation. In other cases, mistakes might result in a mechanical error that leads to a fire in the wrong place.
  • Smoke: Part of a kitchen’s functionality is its ventilation. HVAC concerns are very important for temperature control, but also for making sure you don’t have buildups of smoke in the kitchen area that create a health hazard.
  • Grease buildup: In addition to smoke hazards, grease in the air from cooking could build up on walls or in vents if it’s not siphoned out properly. This not only makes cleanup more difficult, but it can also put you at risk for a kitchen fire.
  • Spoiling: A poorly installed refrigerator can lead to food spoiling as it encounters cooling issues. If the unit was on its side, for example, oil may have leaked into the cooling lines, negatively impacting its ability to function normally. This could lead to food poisoning for your guests and legal issues for you.

Ensuring everything is installed the way it should be will keep everyone safe while you serve your customers. In addition, you’ll prevent breakdowns and maintenance issues later on, thereby saving revenue in the long run. A commercial refrigeration repair service such as Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating can help you make sure equipment in your kitchen is set up correctly.

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