Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

Fall is here, and winter is fast approaching. As such, it is important to be prepared—you don’t want to be caught in the middle of November with a broken down furnace. Not only is this uncomfortable and inconvenient, it can cost you extra in repairs. In order to make sure your furnace is ready for winter, there are a number of simple things you can do.

  • Replace filters: It is recommended that you replace your filters monthly or bimonthly. This helps improve air quality by eliminating pollutants that would otherwise be circulated throughout your home. In order to make this easier, our ClimateCare program provides a year supply of pleated air filters to those who sign up.
  • Clean the vents: In addition to making sure that you always have fresh filters installed, keeping the vents and ducts clear of dust and debris will preserve air quality. In addition, it is best to keep furniture and other items away from the vents so as to maximize efficiency.
  • Test the thermostat: The time to test the thermostat is prior to the cold season. If you turn it on to “heat” and nothing happens, then there is likely something wrong. However, if you notice cold air blowing, wait a little while. After months without being used, your system will have cold air that it will need to be cycled out. If no hot air comes after a few minutes, then there may be a problem within the unit.
  • Remove fire hazards: Next to the furnace is not the place for your Christmas tree. It is best to keep flammable objects and substances away from the furnace and the vents. This also goes along with keeping the vents clear of obstructions.
  • Routine maintenance: About 70% of all winter service calls involve problems that could have been prevented with routine maintenance. As your system sees use, the various parts wear down, and it puts stress on the whole unit. As it works harder to compensate, it puts further stress on the various components and can cause them to break, leading to a possible system failure and no heat in the dead of winter. Routine maintenance catches these problems early before they leave you in the cold.

With Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating, you get access to professional service to help your unit be ready for the colder months ahead. Our technicians are highly trained and fully qualified to perform the routine maintenance your furnace needs. This not only ensures that your system won’t fail you when you need it most, it also saves you money on repairs and energy bills as the furnace works at optimum efficiency.

For added convenience, we offer a semiannual preventative maintenance plan known as ClimateCare. With this program, you get:

  • Two scheduled maintenance visits per year to clean and maintain your HVAC equipment
  • Priority scheduling
  • Extended warranties on our services
  • 15% discount on repairs

In order to learn more about preparing for the winter and reducing your energy bills, contact Climate Tech. We provide both routine maintenance and emergency repairs, all at a flat-rate charge. Call us today at (469) 331-9676.

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