Proper Air Conditioning during the Summer


An Extreme Heat Event (EHE) is a condition of extreme heat which is significantly hotter or more humid than average conditions for a location for an extended period of time. These EHE’s are considered a public health threat because they can result in a rise in the death toll and have other non-fatal related health issues, such as cramps, heat exhaustion, rashes and heat strokes, not to mention EHE can also worsen any existing medical condition.

EHE affects many parts of the country and most often occurs during the summer months. It is most often seen in certain groups of the population:

  • young independent individuals
  • the elderly
  • poverty-stricken individuals
  • people with physical conditions
  • people with mental health conditions

Some of these occurrences are not just a result of lack of air conditioning, it can also happen when your air conditioning system is improperly installed, damaged, or used incorrectly. It is extremely dangerous to not have proper air conditioning during the hottest months of the summer.

If an extreme heat event is in the forecast and you do not have air conditioning, it is important to find a place to stay where proper air conditioning is available. It is critical you take time to make sure your air conditioner unit is working properly and at maximum efficiency. It is important to make sure the electrical cords to the unit are not damaged, Freon is in the unit to keep the air conditioning unit from running continuously, and make sure the filters are clean and have been properly changed. There are many factors which contribute to the efficiency of your unit and a variety of parts that can be compromised.

  • Your unit needs to be the right size for your home.
  • The proper amount of refrigerant is in your unit.
  • The unit has the right amount of air flow to keep it functioning properly.
  • Monitor how many appliances are running at the same time producing excess heat in your home.

If any of these things are happening, it will reduce your unit’s ability to keep up with the demand on your air conditioning unit.

One of the most over looked and often forgotten maintenance issues is replacing the filters on the air conditioner which is important to the life and productivity of the unit. Designed to remove particles and dust from the air flow, the filter keeps the unit system clean and the air in your home also free from dust and particles. If you do not properly maintain and replace your filter, you will put more wear and tear on your unit. Not only will it not properly cool your home, it will take a toll on your unit and you could actually damage your system. If you have doubts regarding the state of your air conditioning unit, call the specialists at Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating.

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