Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

The hot days of summer are practically here, and that means it’s time to run the air conditioner. For many, this can mean more energy expenses, but the summer heat doesn’t need to result in a massive electric bill. There are a number of ways you can reduce electricity usage in your home, whether it’s opening a window or keeping up on your AC unit. Following are five top ways to save on electricity during the summer:

  1. Turn off the light: It’s easy to take advantage of the longer days by letting in a little natural light. Not only has natural light been shown to improve your mood, it can also allow you to reduce electricity usage on interior lights. Also, when no one is using a room, turn out the lights to save even more.
  2. Adjust the thermostat: By turning your thermostat up just three degrees, you can save as much as 20% on electricity. It will also prevent your air conditioning unit from working as hard, decreasing wear and tear and preserving efficiency.
  3. Take advantage of cooler hours: When you use a washing machine, oven, or other large appliance during the day, it produces heat and makes your air conditioner work that much harder to regulate the temperature. Instead, use these appliances during the morning or evening when it’s cooler. Also, opening the windows during the early morning or later evening is a natural way to cool your home and reduce the time that your air conditioner is going.
  4. Keep your AC maintained: Regular HVAC maintenance is key to maintaining optimum energy efficiency in your home. If parts start to wear out, they cause the unit to work harder to regulate your home’s temperature. This will often cause further wear and eventually reduce the life of the unit. At Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating, we provide a preventative maintenance plan called ClimateCare. During our visits, we do a thorough analysis of your system to make sure everything is running smoothly.
  5. Get an upgrade: Older AC models tend to be less energy efficient than newer units. Not only do they lack the technology that state-of-the-art models have, they also tend to have more wear, which further decreases their efficiency. By upgrading from an older unit to a new one, you reduce your energy bills significantly. Generally speaking, AC units are designed to last eight to ten years, so if yours is ten years old or more, it may be time for an upgrade.

When it comes to reducing your electricity usage this summer, contact Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating. Our certified technicians do a thorough analysis of all factors involved in your home cooling system. By doing this, we can eliminate underlying problems while making your system as efficient as possible. We also design and install new systems for consistently efficient performance.

Whether you need routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or a completely new system, we provide the expertise and flexibility you need. If you are looking for reliable HVAC service in the DWF area, contact Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating today.

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