Winter Time Energy Saving Tips

Fall has arrived, and while we may still have some warmer days ahead, the time to prepare for winter is now. With proper preparation, you can save energy and reduce your heating bills. There are a number of things you can do this fall and winter to keep yourself comfortable without turning up the thermostat.

  • Use the sun: The sun can take away some of the burden from your heating system this winter. By opening the curtains on your south-facing windows, you allow the sun’s light through, which can help warm your home a little. At night, shut the curtains to help retain heat.
  • Dress warm: It may sound a little cliché, but putting on a sweater can be a better alternative to turning up the thermostat. Warm socks can also help a great deal.
  • Keep the furnace clean: Dust in the ducts and around the furnace vents can prevent hot air from circulating efficiently. In addition, debris buildup within the furnace’s various components will force it to work a little harder to keep up its proper output of heat, so keeping it clean is an important part of saving energy.
  • Insulate doors and windows: Gaps in windows and doors allow warm air to escape. If you feel a draft coming through your windows, try installing weatherstripping to prevent heat loss during the winter. Alternatively, investing in energy-saving windows can provide a more long-lasting solution. The price up front may be a bit higher, but it will save money year-round in the months and years to come.
  • Turn the thermostat down: Simply turning the thermostat from 70°F to 68°F can save you 10% on energy bills this winter. Whenever you are not home, turning the thermostat down lower can help save more. Be careful not to turn it down too low, however, or you may end up overworking your heating system when you turn it back up.
  • Adjust the water heater thermostat: Most water heaters come preset at 140°F. However, for most household usage, you only need it set at around 120°F. Making this adjustment can save as much as 11% on heating bills.
  • Clean filters: Obstructed air filters prevent heat from circulating efficiently and can force your furnace to work harder, wear out faster, and ultimately use up more energy. It is widely recommended to replace the air filters on a monthly basis.
  • Proper furnace maintenance: A properly maintained furnace will operate at peak efficiency, so getting it checked up regularly is vital to saving energy this winter. Otherwise, the unit will wear itself out and operate less efficiently.

Many of these things are quite simple and only take a few seconds to do. Other items, such as keeping your furnace properly maintained, require professional attention. At Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating, we can provide you with the routine maintenance your unit needs. We also offer our ClimateCare program, which provides you with priority scheduling, semiannual routine maintenance visits, and a year’s supply of air filters. For more information on our services or ClimateCare, contact us today.

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