Ensuring your HVAC Is Prepared For The Summer

It’s hot. It’s humid. You feel like you melt when you walk outside. This is the Texas summer we all know, and it’s not the sort of weather you’ll want to endure without an operating air conditioner. Once the hot, humid weather of Texas summer hits, the last thing you’ll want is to find that your AC is either (a) not operating, or (b) using up altogether too much electricity to be worth its while. There are a few ways to prevent these kinds of problems and prep your AC for the summer.

  • Open the space up: Most manufacturers recommend that at least 10 inches of space be kept around the condenser unit. This allows it to work optimally and can also prevent debris from getting inside. Now is the perfect time to trim any hedges you have around your AC unit and to clear debris out of the way.
  • Clean the unit: Once you have the space around the unit cleaned up, you need to make sure the condenser itself is ready for action. After months of being inactive, the unit will likely have dirt, debris, or even animals inside, so you need to make sure it’s all cleared out before turning it on. The condensation lines also need to be cleared of filth of all kinds to prevent backups and maintain efficient operation.
  • Change the filter: This one is simple. Make sure your AC filter is clean and ready for the heavier usage your unit will see in the warmer months to come. Most manufacturers recommend the filter be changed every one or two months. This permits maximum airflow and prevents various pollutants from being circulated around your home.
  • Upgrade your thermostat: Upgrading from an old mercury-based thermostat to an electronic programmable unit can help you get the most out of your AC while minimizing its costs. Since cooling will account for about half of your monthly utility bills, an upgraded thermostat can be well worth the investment.
  • Get a maintenance checkup: Air conditioners wear out. It’s a simple fact of life, so getting your AC checked up by an HVAC professional will keep it running smoothly for the coming months. A certified technician will be able to detect anything that’s wrong with the unit, even if it isn’t a major problem just yet. This not only keeps the unit running efficiently, but it will also prevent costly breakdowns later on.

For assistance prepping your AC for the summer, contact the professionals at Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating. We offer you our expertise in getting everything ready to keep you cool when the summer heat hits.

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