Furnace Check and Cleaning

There are varying theories about how often you should have your furnace checked and cleaned. Most all furnace manufacturers’ warranties will state that it needs to be done yearly, but there are no specifics as to exactly what needs to be checked. There are also no standard guidelines to this process. According to one certified specialist in the home inspection field, “every contractor I have ever worked for has had carefully worded language with subtle differences in the descriptions, making it nearly impossible to compare services between different heating companies. A few services you may have heard of are ‘safety check’, ‘certification’, ‘check-up’, ‘tune-up’, ‘basic tune-up’, ‘complete tune-up’, and ‘annual maintenance check-up.’ ”

According to this same expert, a thorough maintenance appointment should include, at a minimum, a 10-step check process.

  • The vent system should to be checked for leakage and/or blockage, including the outside termination point and the internal connections at the furnace.
  • Combustion gases should be compared and analyzed according to the specifications for the particular unit being used.
  • The access door to the blower needs to be reviewed to make sure there is a tight seal at the furnace.
  • The louvers and fresh air intake grills should be looked at to make sure there is no blockage.
  • The heat exchanger should be checked for rust and corrosion.
  • The burners need to be inspected for burner flame, proper ignition, and flame sense.
  • The drainage system should be inspected for any blockage and/or leaking, including the internal hoses to the furnace.  The trap and condensation drain should be cleaned, including replacing the water in the trap.
  • The wheels for the blower need to be inspected for debris and then cleaned if necessary, completely removing debris in the blower wheel.
  • An amp-draw test needs to be done on the motor to the blower and compared to what is acceptable as listed for that unit.
  • All wiring needs to be checked for damage and corrosion.

Also, the filters will need to be checked and replaced, at least twice a year. The homeowner should be able to do this quite easily. A good rule of thumb is to check and change your filters when you change your clocks for daylight savings time.

One way to protect the furnace is to make sure a reputable service company does the maintenance on the furnace. A company which will explain everything in detail to the customer and their maintenance plan includes the above referenced inspection points.  At Climate Tech Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer this type of comprehensive maintenance for all of our clients with our trained and factory certified technicians.  You can also be a part of our ClimateCare program, which includes twice yearly maintenance, cleaning of your heating and air conditioning units along with a year’s supply of filters.  Added benefits include priority scheduling, extending warranties and a 15% discount on repair service, if needed.

By keeping your furnace properly maintained, you help your furnace work at peak efficiency, which saves on the cost of energy and can help prevent future repair.  If you are ready to do business with a reputable company, offering superior cleaning and maintenance for your furnace, call the experts at Climate Tech Air Conditioning & Heating today.

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