Heater Blowing Cold Air?

If you are turning your heater on for the first time this year, you might notice the air that immediately blows out through the vents is cooler than you were expecting. This might be because it is the first time your heater is being used and there is cold air in the ducts. If the cool air continues after the first couple of minutes, there is some trouble shooting that you can do.

  • Check that the gas valve is lit and there is no blockage
  • Make sure that your thermostat is set properly
  • Verify the temperature setting on your thermostat is set to heat
  • Make sure the battery in the thermostat is working
  • Make sure the pilot light is on
  • Make sure the utility company isn’t having an outage
  • Check your filters and make sure they are clean
  • Check the visible ductwork for any holes or leaks

If these check points appear to be in good working order, you can always try to reboot the system. The best way to do this is to set the temperature low so that the heating does not kick on. Then disconnect the heating unit and wait for 5 minutes. Then you can reconnect the unit and set the temperature higher than the room temperature and see if you get the desired results. You might need to wait a few minutes to allow the cold air to move through the vents.

If you have gone through the above checklist and find that your heater is still blowing cold air, it is probably time to call your local heating contractor so they can check the interior parts of your heating system. It could be an electrical problem or something in the heat exchanger, burner or a faulty thermostat. Your heating contractor will perform a series of test that will help diagnose what the problem might be.

The most efficient way to prevent your heating system from breaking down is to have routine maintenance performed on your unit. This will help your system to perform at optimal capacity and efficiently heat your house during the winter months. At Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating, we offer Climate Care plans which provides our customers with twice yearly cleaning and maintenance visits, free air filters, priority scheduling, extended warranties and 15% discount on repair service, should that be needed. By keeping your heating unit properly maintained through twice yearly maintenance checks, you are not only saving on future repair costs, you are also saving money on energy costs. When your heating unit is running efficiently, you are spending less money on the cost to heat your home. The cost to run your heating and air conditioning units accounts for more than half of the electricity that your home uses each year. Proper maintenance on these units is key to keeping your HVAC cost down. Call Climate Tech today to set up a Climate Care plan that is just right for you.




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