What Is Included In Preventative Care Packages?

Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your heating and cooling systems in top operating order throughout the year. However, many people will only call a maintenance professional when something goes wrong with their air conditioner or heater.Trane-XLi_Installed

A preventative care package, such as the ClimateCare packages offered by Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating, can prevent many of the costly breakdowns you might experience with your HVAC systems, ultimately saving you on maintenance costs. There are a few different packages available depending on your specific needs.

Climate Check

The most basic routine care package offered by Climate Tech is the Climate Check package. This service includes the following benefits:

  • AC and heating system performance and safety inspections
  • A discount on service and diagnostic fees

The inspections take place twice per year, once for your air conditioner and once for your heating system. These ensure that any issues your system may have developed through normal usage are detected and resolved early.

Climate Care

The Climate Care package offers more discounts and services on top of those provided by the Climate Check package. These added benefits are:

  • Small discounts on new system replacement, accessories, and parts and labor
  • Air conditioning maintenance and cleaning, including flush condensate drain and mold/fungus removal from the drain pan
  • Heating system cleaning and maintenance, including cleaning the flame sensor and heat exchanger
  • Minor refrigerant leak search
  • Up to 4 feet of refrigerant line replacement
  • Spade connector replacement
  • Refrigerant service caps replacement
  • Replacement on low voltage control fuse
  • Wirenut replacement

This package offers a great deal of value for the price, and it ensures that common problems are quickly resolved.

Climate Care Plus

Climate Care Plus offers everything the previous two packages cover plus a few extra items. These include:

  • Larger discounts on accessories, system replacements, and parts and labor.
  • Cleaning the blower wheel and indoor coil on your AC, each on a biannual basis

If you want to learn more about ClimateCare and the ways it can benefit your HVAC systems, contact Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating today.


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