Troubleshooting Gas Furnaces and Gas Heaters

Gas furnaces and heaters have many moving parts, so their overall functionality may be affected by a number of internal and external factors. Sometimes, the problem can be fixed on your own. Other times, you may require professional maintenance and repairs. If your furnace isn’t quite working the way it should, or if it doesn’t seem to work at all, there are a number of items you can check on your own.

  • Make sure it’s on: It is possible that the breaker switch for the unit is off. Check the circuit breaker for your furnace (usually in an electrical panel in your basement or utility room) and make sure the switch is “on.”
  • Turn on the blower fan: On some models, the blower fan may have a separate “on” switch. If yours has one, check to make sure it is on.
  • Check the thermostat: The thermostat may be the root of the problem. If it is turned off, has dead batteries, or is not set to “heat,” that may explain your furnace’s lack of operation.
  • Change the filter: The vast majority of gas furnace problems start with a clogged filter. This can cause the unit to overheat and stop functioning, so keeping the filter clean is vital to proper operation. Generally, it is recommended that you change the filter every two months or so.
  • Open vents: Some of the vents that let hot air into each room of your home may be shut, causing extra resistance to the blower and causing the furnace to overheat. Also, the exhaust vent may be frozen over. If so, clearing it should restore normal operation.
  • Check for drafts: The pilot light may be blown out due to a draft in the room, so closing windows in the utility room may help solve furnace troubles. If you notice that the pilot light is still out, then there may be an internal ignition problem that requires professional repairs.

If you check all of these and find that your furnace still isn’t working, then you likely need to involve an expert to get things going again. There may be a mechanical failure or a problem with the ignition, neither of which is easily diagnosed or solved without complete HVAC training. If you don’t have an immediate problem, then getting routine maintenance done can prevent serious problems from developing later. Climate Tech Air Conditioning and Heating provides you with the highly qualified service you need to keep your gas heater or furnace working at its best throughout the winter months. Contact us today!

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