Why Maintain Your HVAC System

Each aspect in an HVAC system—heating, ventilation, and air conditioning—contributes to maintaining your home’s interior climate. All parts of the HVAC system must be properly maintained to make sure everything works as it ought to, so regular system maintenance is vital to getting the most out of your air conditioner and heater. The benefits of regular maintenance include the following:

  • Reduce repairs: Obviously, the better maintained an HVAC unit is, the fewer repairs it will need.  Scheduling an HVAC System maintenance visit, allows heating and cooling experts to examine your system for normal wear and minor issues. These issues can then be resolved promptly, eliminating the possibility of major—and expensive—problems later on.
  • Maintain efficiency: Wear on a unit will force it to work harder and use more energy to do its job, making a worn unit less efficient overall. Regular maintenance visits will keep everything running smoothly, which in turn helps maintain your HVAC system’s efficiency as it uses less fuel.
  • Extend lifetime: As with cars, hearts, and friends, if you take good care of your HVAC system’s, they will last longer. This means you won’t have to replace your heating or cooling unit early. On the other hand, neglecting maintenance can allow normal use to wear down various components of the unit and ultimately lead to a breakdown.
  • Preserve your warranty: A final way that getting regular maintenance on your HVAC helps you get the most out of it is by preserving the warranty. In some cases, the warranty on a heating or cooling unit can be voided if you neglect seasonal maintenance. This means you will not only have a more frequent need for repairs, but those repairs will be more expensive.

Generally, most units need routine maintenance from a professional on an annual basis. These visits include diagnostic checkups on heating and cooling units, monitoring system performance, cleaning ducts, fans, and internal components, checking thermostats, and making needed repairs or replacements.

This checkup should be done before the unit is needed for the season. This means air conditioners should be checked before spring and heaters should be serviced before fall. This ensures the unit is ready to go before you need it. In addition, it will help prevent any existing problems from compounding themselves before they can be detected.

Climate Tech Air Conditioning & Heating provides semi-annual system maintenance through our ClimateCare program. In addition to routine cleaning and inspections, this program also gives you priority scheduling, a discount on repairs, extended warranties, and a year’s supply of air filters. To learn more about ClimateCare and our other services, contact us today.

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